wall-eyed stare into the camera
back to my preferred hair-length!

wall-eyed stare into the camera

back to my preferred hair-length!

Herc:So we're fine. As long as no one clones any Kaiju.
Herc:What's your question, Newton?
Newt:I cloned Kaiju.
Newt:You told me to.
Herc:How many?
Newt:I have done nothing but clone kaiju for three years.
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DID SOMEONE SAY DOG PICTURES??? (check your twitter) (do you have a favorite kind of dog besides “big” or are you cool with like. a couple dozen golden retrievers)

gotta be honest i saw two (two!!!) goldens on my walk home today (i walk past the vet hospital every day) and i kind of teared up because they were not my dogs and i was jealous


9 songs that say “it’s alright” and definitely don’t mean it

listen here


I put my faith in the brighter brains of modern science. [x]


I put my faith in the brighter brains of modern science. [x]

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model organisms I have known, in no particular order:

  1. mustard plant
  2. tobacco plant
  3. pigs
  4. rat cells in a dish
  5. mice
  6. fish
  7. dairy cattle
Survey of retail milk composition as affecte... [J Am Diet Assoc. 2008] - PubMed - NCBI

I was checking up on my dad’s publications so that I could talk his lab up in this grant application package I’m suffering through, and I found this!  People who’ve met me in person know that I get really huffy about organic/raw milk and anti-GMO arguments in general, so here’s a piece of my personal origin story on the matter.

Spoiler alert: they detected no differences between organic and conventional milk that your body would ever notice.  (The organic food movement is commendable in some ways but still drives my up a fucking wall with its sanctimonious nutrition horseshit.)


UGH RIGHT, RIGHT????  I am trying to make melaniehoping read it, but she’s like “it’s 250k” and i’m like “yeeeeeah…that’s…factually true…”

The bit in the middle with the letters and every single little science dig and Newt’s band and ugh, the best.  I’m a little worried that I have picked up verbal patterns from newt though, which: not ideal, man.  Not ideal.

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'Infinite Regress, Under Duress' (aka 10 years of UST) is also really good, as is the Radio Loccent series. also 'some minor misinterpretations' (people think newt and tendo are dating) and 'that ocean is not silent'/'strange, far places'
Oh man thanks!  That Newt & Tendo fic is hella cute, dang.  I will maybe make inroads on the long WIPs…someday.
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All the Eastern Marks in Germany and Autoclave are p good, even though Autoclave has some weird inconsistencies in tense.

Thanks!  I will read Autoclave when I am up for second person.  Eastern Marks was a perfect mix of sad and funny in bits and resolved bits, everything i want in a satisfying 15k fic.


sooooooo i just WHIPPED through 250kT of post-canon fucked-up post-drift identity-skewed hermann/newt pacific rim fic

(and then i went and found the podfic and started over from the beginning, look, i have no pride)

and i’m feeling the itch, man.  the itch for pacrim fic

genfic, not-genfic, herman/newt, mako/raleigh, just mako, russians, triplets, tendo, longfic, um, basically i will take anything.

anybody have any recs saved up?